A Bit About Us...

The staff team at Happy Days have all been fully police checked, had background references followed up and also completed professional childcare qualifications. We encourage staff as part of their work to continue with their professional development throughout their career. We have a longstanding and dedicated staff team who use professional experience to entertain and encourage the children’s development.

It is important for parents and carers to feel comfortable when leaving their child in our care, to feel confident that staff are committed to providing excellent care and learning opportunities.

Happy Days Nursery has fully implemented the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which covers the learning, and well being of all nursery aged children from birth to 5 years. We encourage children in learning through their play by providing a variety of materials and a wide range of experiences both inside and outside the nursery. At the Nursery, we encourage learning to take place through both adult-led and child-led activities, we provide a free-flow system at certain periods during the day where children are free to choose where their learning takes place. Each child has an individual learning journal and activities are planned around this to support their individual developmental needs. We keep records of each child’s progress which enables us to create activities that are appropriate to the children’s needs. Each child has a online learning journal that parents and carers can review at any time, these are used as part of the parent key worker review meetings. These records are also sent onto your child’s next place of education.

The nursery is registered with Ofsted and accommodates children between the ages of 9 Months and 8 years. Copies of the inspection reports are also available to all parents/carers from the nursery. A link to our Ofsted registration is

"Happy Days is a brilliant nursery, with a great team. The testament to which is relatively low turnover of staff. But also that in 5 ½ years and after two children in your care, we’ve not had one single moment of doubt or disappointment.” - C & A J-H

Starting Nursery

We will arrange a settling in period designed around your child’s needs. These are two hours sessions charged at half price, These sessions are designed to introduce your child into a nursery environment, some children will need two or three of these sessions while others need six or seven before they feel settled at the nursery, during the settling in sessions you and your child will be introduced to your key worker this is a good time for us as a nursery to really get to know your child and to ensure a positive nursery experience from the beginning.


We create individual “Learning Journals” for your child/ children. By logging on with a secure username and password you will be able to view some of the photos, videos and observations of your child’s time at Happy Days. This will enable you to follow your child’s progress.

“We love receiving the tapestry emails and the slips of paper at the end of each day are a great way to see what my child has been doing.”- K. Q

Parents/Carers Involvement

At Happy Days we aim too ensure that our environment reflects the multi cultural and linguistic communities of the children and staff in the nursery and local community. We want too encourage our children to understand the diversity of experience and materials in use in multi-racial Britain. We celebrate festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, Chinese new year and encourage Parents/Carers to come into the nursery and share their skills with the children and staff for example, cooking a favourite dish. We welcome parents feedback and help. We actively encourage that you bring in any materials from home you feel will enhance your child’s learning such as pictures from holidays to share at group times, boxes and cartons to use for junk modelling. We operate an open door policy and encourage parents to address any concerns they may have to a member of management or to your child’s key worker. Parents/ Carers are also requested to keep us updated of any changes to personal circumstances which could have an effect upon a child, e.g. bereavement, separation, illness or a new baby in the family. We also encourage parents/carers to review and update their contact details such as home address and telephone numbers every 6 months.

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