Play Areas

Daisy Hall 9 Months-2 ½ years

We as a nursery believe that babies need a protected environment to feel safe and secure with opportunities to be physically active and try things out for themselves. The Daisy Hall is an environment designed to meet the needs of babies and the younger child. We have created a safe and fun place for small children and babies to explore and develop as they play.

The Daisy hall includes an exploratory area where the children get to explore with sand/water and other media and materials, a home corner, story book room, an art area, a baby room and a large play area which all encourage the children through imaginative and creative play.

We understand that babies of this age need lots of cosy spaces that they can snuggle in to when they just need to have some quiet time. Staff will make sure that children have cuddles and attention throughout the day so they continue to feel loved and cared for while at nursery.

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