Play Areas


The Kitchen is a bright and fun place where children eat and socialise together, the kitchen area is also used for children’s activities such as cookery and small group activities. At Happy Days we encourage healthy eating, we encourage all children to eat independently and to sample a variety of tastes that enrich their pallet. In addition to main meal times, water, milk and fresh fruit and vegetables are also available throughout the day. We supply healthy snacks and the option of healthy and nutritious food provided by Little Tums (an outside catering company) parents/carers can provide lunch boxes if they prefer. We do not provide any juices apart from baby specific juices at request and supply of the parents. We actively support parents during a baby’s weaning process. At Happy Days snack and meal breaks are considered socialable time with the children eating and chatting together. Parents have the option of sending in a packed lunch, If a packed lunch is provided please do not send in any products containing nuts as we may have children attending with nut allergies, please note that we cannot heat up rice. Please notify us if you have any concerns about your child’s dietary needs.

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